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Connected, performance-driven wealth advisors

At Gluskin Sheff, we break down traditional silos to ensure our entire firm is connected. From our Client Wealth Management and Investment teams, to leadership and global market experts we activate collaborative thinking across the board, ensuring that our clients benefit from our best, collective ideas. 


We are committed to providing advice that puts your interests first. By managing our money alongside yours, we have a vested interest in providing you with best-in-class solutions. 


As part of Onex, we have access to additional investment expertise from another pre-eminent Canadian investment management firm. Onex’ team’s knowledge is extremely complementary to ours given their focus on private equity and private debt, areas in which Gluskin Sheff has not historically invested. 


Our clients often say the outstanding service level they enjoy is as fundamental as the returns they achieve with us. 


Our leadership team is an exemplary group of professionals deep in talent, ideas and experience. Always accessible, they are committed to enhancing value for our employees and clients every day.

Client Wealth Management

The Client Wealth Management team focuses on ensuring our clients receive the highest level of service and that every aspect of their financial strategy, including their investments, is aligned with their wealth plan and designed to help them achieve their goals.

Investment Management

Our investment management team has a deep understanding of the companies we invest in, the psychology and fundamentals of the market, and the risks associated with economic and geopolitical factors. Unlike financial institutions, our entire Investment Management team shares the same open floor, encouraging strong collaboration and creating efficiencies in the generation and vetting of investment ideas.

Marketing & Communications

Our Marketing and Communications team is committed to enhancing the client experience and Gluskin Sheff brand by creating and managing valuable client touchpoints.

Finance & Operations

Every client at Gluskin Sheff is supported by an exemplary operations team managing everything from trading, regulations and accounting to reporting and information technology. We believe every touch point of our operation is connected to supporting the highest level of client service.

Investment Management

Every recommendation is grounded in rigorous research to deliver long-term risk adjusted returns.

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